Etisalat UAE, Huawei Debut First 5G Edge Box In The Middle East


Etisalat UAE, part of e&, and Huawei have successfully tested a cloud-native centric 5G Edge Computing platform.

The announcement follows an agreement by both parties to further strengthen their partnership. The enhanced collaboration between Etisalat UAE and Huawei is aimed at better serving customers’ digital-first lifestyle, which demands a greater focus on developing quicker, more intelligent cloud technologies and swift automation that address business and consumer expectations.

“5G Edge Box presents unique opportunities for Etisalat to attain sustainable growth in the B2B segment,” said Khalid Murshed, Chief Technology and Information Officer at Etisalat UAE.

“The success of this testing activity will support UAE industries and the government sector in achieving their digital transformational objectives as we deploy a full suite of on-premise private 5G connectivity with inventive digital use cases requiring low latency and extreme reliability. At Etisalat UAE, we are staying future-focussed as we continue to take the lead in the digitalisation of industries through our bespoke 5G and Edge offerings.”

According to Etisalat UAE, the new 5G services underpin its commitment to accelerate its 5G monetisation journey while adding more value to its customers.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson at Huawei Technologies highlighted that business transformation with a focus on creating synergies between network and cloud is key to ensuring the sustainable growth of any service provider.

“Private 5G core and Edge with cloud-native architecture have great potential to empower a digital society and enrich the digital experience of customers. Huawei is privileged to work with Etisalat on this remarkable digitalisation journey and help them achieve their goals,” said the spokesperson.

The 5G Edge Box initiative underlines the aim of Etisalat UAE to harness its digital vision and collaborate with leading industry partners like Huawei to deploy the latest innovative technologies to its customers across all segments.