Fortem Technologies To Protect FIFA 2022 Stadiums With Skydrome System


Fortem Technologies will use its Skydrome System to detect defeat and protect against rogue drones

The FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar has chosen Fortem technologies, airspace security and defence to protect FIFA World Cup 2022 events in Qatar. The Qatari Ministry of Interior and Safety and Security Operations Committee for the FIFA World Cup will use Fortem’s drones through its distribution partner Smart Communication Systems to protect the stadiums from November 21st until December 18th 2022.

“Fortem provides world-class technology and services. We are pleased to partner with Fortem Technologies as an anchor vendor to enhance our security around Doha,” says Engineer Captain Rashid Fahad Alali, Security Systems Officer in the Ministry of the Interior in Qatar and the Anti-Drone Program Leader in the SSOC.

The Fortem SkyDome System is an end-to-end, counter-drone solution that detects, defeats, and protects against rogue drones. The SkyDome system classifies and mitigates threats autonomously with its interceptor drone, DroneHunter. At the heart of the Fortem SkyDome System is TrueView radar, a compact, AI-enabled, networkable radar designed to perform in urban environments and crowded public places such as sports arenas and airports.

“The Government of Qatar understands the importance of providing comprehensive security from the ground to the air for the FIFA World Cup matches and beyond. We are thrilled to be able to partner with Smart Communication Systems to provide the best counter-drone security to ensure the safety of players, sports fans, and everyone involved in putting together one of the most viewed global events in decades,” said Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies.

Walid Chahine, Managing Partner of Smart Communication Systems, Distribution Partner, Fortem Technologies, said “After much consideration of companies around the globe, Fortem’s offerings outshined all competition. The world is at a point where enhanced security is becoming the norm, and we’re determined to stay ahead of the curve.”