NetWitness Launches Comprehensive XDR Offerings


NetWitness XDR will comprise three main product lines that showcase its uniquely powerful support for all XDR use cases

NetWitness, a provider of cybersecurity technologies and incident response, has recently announced NetWitness XDR, a family of products and capabilities delivering comprehensive detection and response on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid. This new offering and product architecture delivers the full range of deployment options enterprises seek today to meet their unique cybersecurity needs and use cases.

NetWitness XDR delivers a robust set of capabilities enabling extended detection and response (XDR) and helping customers stay ahead of the most sophisticated cyber threats.

These include:

  • Unified collection, data, and visibility across multiple security layers
  • Automatic enrichment of data using any technical or business source
  • A comprehensive toolset of detection technologies including, but not limited to, advanced behavioural analysis
  • External and internal threat intelligence to identify known security risks and threat actors
  • Truly insightful context, visualisation, and investigation tools
  • Threat hunting tools and methodologies to identify previously unknown threats
  • Highly repeatable and measurable incident investigation and response processes
  • A substantial array of both automated and human response options

“NetWitness has enjoyed the trust of some of the Middle East’s largest and most security-sensitive organisations because of its unique ability to monitor the entire attack surface across the network, endpoint, cloud, IoT, logs and more. We can streamline the complexities of managing a Cybersecurity strategy and provide a cost-effective, fully featured architecture with fewer requirements for managing, training and integration. We have been delivering XDR capability to the Middle East for several years, and today we are delighted to announce new innovations in the platform and reintroduce it to the market as NetWitness XDR.” said Martin Sutherland, General Manager of Middle East, Turkey and Africa, NetWitness.

Under this new model, NetWitness XDR will comprise three main product lines that showcase its powerful support for all XDR use cases. NetWitness Platform XDR 12 is the most recent major release of NetWitness Platform. This technology stack, typically deployed as customer-managed software or hosted by MSSPs, has been enhanced to focus on detection capabilities that identify threats faster and decrease their impact.

The company’s new cloud-native SaaS version will be known as NetWitness Vision XDR and is currently in the design preview. The third product line, NetWitness XDR Cloud Services, is a set of optional SaaS applications that take advantage of the cloud’s inherent elastic nature to deliver flexible and cost-effective components which can be used to augment either Platform XDR or Vision XDR.

“Our network-forward approach allows us to stand out in this emerging space and highlights NetWitness XDR’s ability to detect across customers’ growing number of systems and devices. We are embracing the belief that the best XDR must be consumable on-prem, in the cloud, and hybrid,” said Director, Product Management and Research, Kevin Bowers.