GITEX 2021: SambaNova Systems Is Bringing AI-Powered Products To The Region


SambaNova Systems will be attending GITEX Technology Week 2021 as part of the company’s goal to expand Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning adoption in the Middle East and around the world. 

SambaNova will be marking its presence in the Middle East with the goal to deliver access to AI to businesses around the globe. The company will introduce its Dataflow-as-a-Service to the region, enabling businesses to jumpstart AI innovations, and furthering ML advancement in the region. The company’s approach to AI combines unique chip architecture, hardware and software enabling businesses to run best-in class AI.

GITEX is one of the leading computer and electronics trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences for the last 40 years, bringing together leaders in AI, 5G, Cloud, BigData, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Immersive Marketing and Fintech. The event is set to take place in Dubai between October 17-21 and hosts leading technology providers from around the globe with over a million visitors from the Middle East and beyond.

“The Middle East is an extremely innovative and ambitious area of the world and we are excited to connect with these leaders and share how AI can provide unmatched value to their businesses,” said Christopher Kenny, SambaNova International General Manager of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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“By participating in GITEX, we are introducing Dataflow-as-a-Service to an entirely new region and continuing our mission to become the global AI provider.”

SambaNova’s flagship offering, Datalow-as-a-Service, is an extensible AI services platform, enables organisations to jump-start AI initiatives overnight by augmenting existing capabilities and staffing with a simple subscription. The platform is powered by DataScale, an integrated software and hardware platform delivering unrivalled performance, accuracy, scale and ease of use built on SambaNova’s Systems Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture. 

With AI becoming a business necessity in the global economy, customers need complete solutions that can run at scale in a financially viable way. With an integrated full-stack system, including AI models, software and hardware, SambaNova provides expansive and accessible AI applications in the world.