Modak Accelerates API Development Enabling Interoperability 


Modak, a leading provider of data engineering solutions, announced Modak Fireshots, an accelerator for rapid development and deployment of APIs (Application Programming Interface) using a low-code approach. Modak Fireshots enables enterprises to easily share their data assets via APIs with internal and external stakeholders.

“Modak Fireshots empowers enterprises to respond quickly to the demands of digital transformation by enabling rapid development of APIs. Specifically, for healthcare organisations, Modak Fireshots enables interoperability between providers and payers by enabling the exchange of data, following federally recommended FHIR® standards,” says Milind Chitgupakar, Chief Analytics Officer, and co-founder, at Modak.

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Healthcare companies are struggling with data integration required for enabling the HL7 FHIR standards, mandated for exchanging critical patient care data. The traditional approach to meet the FHIR standards requires high maintenance and monitoring of dedicated FHIR® servers and additional data stores.

Modak Fireshots software takes the burden off IT teams to maintain the FHIR data stores and FHIR server. Modak Fireshots utilizes “thin”, reusable templates that allow conversion of data into FHIR format, on the fly, eliminating the need for yet another data store.  Healthcare companies now have an opportunity to drive innovation and agility by collaborating with ecosystem partners, through a seamless exchange of data.

 Benefits of Modak Fireshots:

  • Develop and deploy complex APIs 5x faster than the traditional approaches.
  • Meets HL7 FHIR interoperability guidelines. Shorten development cycle and lower implementation costs.
  • Provide improved patient experience by enabling data exchange with external providers and payers.