Google Cloud Announces Healthcare Data Engine to Enable Interoperability in Healthcare

Google Cloud Announces Healthcare Data Engine to Enable Interoperability in Healthcare

Google Cloud announced the private preview of Healthcare Data Engine, an end-to-end solution for healthcare and life sciences organizations that harmonises data from multiple sources, including medical records, claims, clinical trials, and research data. Healthcare Data Engine helps operational leaders, researchers, and clinicians gain real-time, holistic views of patient longitudinal records, and enables advanced analytics and AI in a secure, compliant, and scalable cloud environment.

According to recent Google Cloud-commissioned research conducted by The Harris Poll, nearly 9 in 10 physicians (87 per cent) say data interoperability should be a priority at their healthcare organisations right now, and 95 per cent of physicians agree that access to more complete patient records helps them make diagnoses more quickly and accurately. Most physicians (90 per cent) say they would be able to provide more personalised care for their patients if they could reduce time reviewing or updating patient records by just 5 per cent.

Building on and extending the core capabilities of the Google Cloud Healthcare API, Healthcare Data Engine makes healthcare data more useful by enabling an interoperable, longitudinal record of patient data, and providing clinical insights in FHIR format, the healthcare industry standard. This facilitates innovation and interoperability, helping healthcare and life sciences organisations make better real-time decisions — whether it is around resource utilisation, optimising clinical trials, accelerating research, identifying high-risk patients, reducing physician burn out, or other critical needs.

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“As we are keenly aware from the pandemic, access to the right information, at the right time, is critical to saving lives,: said Joe Corkery M.D., Director of Product Management, Google Cloud. “We built Healthcare Data Engine to make it easier for healthcare and life sciences organisations to bring together their data silos to innovate and improve health outcomes.”

Healthcare Data Engine can map more than 90 per cent of HL7v2 messages to FHIR — such as medication orders or patient updates — across leading EHRs out-of-the-box. This helps customers get up-and-running quickly and avoids the need to create custom tooling or services to translate between data schemas. 

Healthcare Data Engine also brings the power of Google BigQuery’s analytics and artificial intelligence to the healthcare industry, enabling organizations to process and visualise petabytes of their own patient data, which allows healthcare systems to take a more holistic view of patients in their surrounding communities and improve overall population health.