Airbiquity, Cyngn, Partner Evolve Vehicle Fleets Into Autonomous Systems 


Technology Partnership Enables Companies to Tap into Gains from Self-Driving Technology without Replacing Entire Vehicle Fleets

Airbiquity, a leader of connected vehicle services, announced its partnership with Cyngn, an autonomous vehicle (AV) technology provider. Cyngn’s flagship product, DriveMod, is an end-to-end autonomy solution that can be flexibly deployed on multiple vehicle types in various environments. By integrating Airbiquity’s OTAmatic over-the-air software management platform and the Cyngn DriveMod autonomous driving system, organisations can invest in industrial AV technology that starts generating value today while being prepared to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. According to Global Market Insights Inc., the material handling equipment market is estimated to reach $200 billion by 2027.

Industrial AV solutions often require companies to replace their entire existing vehicle fleet. The Airbiquity and Cyngn partnership shifts that paradigm. The technology stack that results from this partnership will enable companies operating in the materials handling market to securely evolve their vehicle fleets into AV systems that can be updated and refined over time, leading to increased autonomous fleet management efficiency and up-time.

OTAmatic is an over-the-air (OTA) software and data management solution that securely orchestrates and automates connected vehicle software updates and data management from the cloud. Businesses use OTAmatic to efficiently plan and execute OTA campaigns with refined vehicle and device targeting, discrete policy and privacy controls, customisable user communications, and solution deployment flexibility.

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DriveMod is Cyngn’s full-stack autonomous vehicle solution, delivering intelligent analytics, artificial intelligence, advanced safety features, and self-driving capabilities for industrial vehicles. The technology is vehicle agnostic, which means DriveMod works across all kinds of industrial vehicles, regardless of age, vehicle type, or manufacturer. DriveMod enables fleets of all shapes and sizes to drive autonomously via a simple retrofit or by being embedded directly into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vehicles at assembly.

Over time and with more data, DriveMod will develop a deeper understanding of the domains in which it operates. This information, combined with OTAmatic’s over-the-air software updates, will ensure autonomous vehicle fleets continue to generate novel value and efficiencies.