HighByte Joins AWS Partner Network


HighByte, an industrial software company, announced that it has joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) as an Advanced Technology Partner.

The relationship ensures customers receive ready-made solutions that can bi-directionally move critical data between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and industrial assets and systems at the Edge. The company’s flagship Industrial DataOps software, HighByte Intelligence Hub, has been validated through the AWS Foundational Technical Review, ensuring the software meets the well-architected best practices established by AWS.

HighByte Intelligence Hub enables plant floor engineers to connect, merge securely, model, and flow industrial data to and from enterprise systems on AWS without writing or maintaining code. HighByte Intelligence Hub bridges the gap between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) by providing an application to integrate industrial information across many systems and maintain these integrations throughout the life of the factory.

“We believe contextualised, and standardised data is essential for Industry 4.0 to reach broad adoption. That is why we are excited to collaborate with AWS to deliver solutions that make the vision of Industry 4.0 a reality,” said Tony Paine, Chief Executive Officer at HighByte. “We are bridging the OT/IT gap and providing a modern, sustainable data architecture for our customers.”

HighByte Intelligence Hub enables users to collect data from various sources, including AVEVA (formerly OSIsoft) PI System, add context to the data being collected, and transform it to a format that other systems – like AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS IoT Greengrass, and Amazon Kinesis – can understand. AWS customers can configure a single, dedicated DataOps abstraction layer that allows them to connect with various vendors’ schema standards, protocols, and databases and then seamlessly model and prepare this data for analytics.

As an APN member, HighByte joins a global network of 100,000 partners from more than 150 countries working with AWS to provide innovative solutions, solve technical challenges, win deals, and deliver value to mutual customers.