KORE Simplifies Global IoT Deployments, Overcomes Roaming Restrictions 


KORE, a global leader in the Internet of Things (‘IoT’) solutions and worldwide Connectivity-as-a-Service (‘CaaS’), announced the availability of over-the-air provisioning on eUICC-compliant SIMs to bring seamless global connectivity for KORE customers.

In partnering with a variety of mobile network operators (MNOs), KORE offers unprecedented access to wireless connectivity regardless of where in the world a customer’s device is activated. Future-proofed, global, multi-networked connectivity and advanced auto-provisioning capabilities ensure a device is always on the right network for the customer’s service needs.

‘Our strong partner ecosystem enables us to bring to market the most advanced, reliable connectivity under a single contract, with a single SIM, no matter where our customers’ devices are deployed’, said Romil Bahl, President and CEO of KORE. ‘The connectivity options that we bring to market through eUICC standards offer the feature set and security, backed by carrier profiles from leading MNOs, that solution providers and enterprises have been seeking for quite some time.’

Historically, several key barriers have complicated global IoT solution deployments, such as data sovereignty levied by local regulations, permanent roaming, and unpredictable costs.

‘These can all be significant deterrents to customers who are trying to scale their IoT deployments’, said KORE CTO Tushar Sachdev. ‘Our eUICC option and cloud-native core network make those challenges a thing of the past. At KORE, we can offer auto-provisioning profiles and local break-out to our customers to continue our unbiased, best-of-class services anywhere in the world.’

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Not only does the eUICC single-SIM solution simplify deployment and inventory management challenges, but it also enables connectivity over the entire lifecycle of the device without needing costly truck rolls to execute SIM swaps or permanent roaming changes.

KORE offers global connectivity with more than 24 major carriers in 190 countries with a complimentary eUICC Starter Kit to eligible parties who want to explore how eSIM can help their business recognize accelerated revenue and faster time to market.

KORE recently announced that it has entered into a definitive merger agreement with Cerberus Telecom Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company affiliated with Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.