McKinsey And SAP Join Forces For Cloud Solutions


SAP and McKinsey will offer an end-to-end design for SAP S/4HANA migration

SAP and McKinsey have drawn on their individual strengths to create a strategic alliance that merges technology modernisation with strategy execution, thereby driving business results and addressing critical business challenges. With an initial industry focus on consumer products, retail, automotive, and manufacturing, SAP and McKinsey will offer an end-to-end design for SAP S/4HANA migration.

“Every enterprise needs to develop new business models to avoid being disrupted, gain efficiencies to fund innovation, and transform mission-critical systems to minimise business risk. This alliance ensures that McKinsey and SAP can work side-by-side to focus on deploying the right ERP with the highest ROI and sustained value from technology investments, enabling clients to tap into numerous new value pools,” said Christian Klein, CEO, SAP.

This alliance has already delivered a compelling impact for a range of clients, including a renowned European grocer that was able to counteract increasing cost pressures from competitors while fulfilling the increasing digital demand of customers.

Within the four-month initiation phase, the grocer set up a transformation management function that evaluated outside-in perspectives on current trends and future requirements for all business functions. This helped determine a target operating model for the future ERP landscape, and as a result, the grocer developed target operating models for retail, supply chain, category management, and finance, establishing a new future-proof business model.