MeetsMeta To Launch Virtual City


The MeetsMeta platform enables the user to roam and interact with a virtual community

MeetsMeta is launching a virtual city to simulate reality through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The MeetsMeta platform is part of Metaverse which provides an array of future investment opportunities as well as social opportunities. It enables the user to roam and interact with a virtual community, live their lives and work from any part of the world using their phones and smart devices without having to travel.

“The UAE provides an ideal environment for launching MeetsMeta in the region. It is the most capable country in terms of IT and telecommunications infrastructure. The UAE strongly supports business growth and investments in cryptocurrency. It also provides a motivating environment for innovation and creativity,” said Mohamed Khaled, Founder of MeetsMeta.

Security settings are provided to protect the privacy and investments of its users. MeetsMeta was completed two years ago to provide opportunities for coping with the new technologies in economics, purchasing and selling products/services in the virtual world.

MeetsMeta enables all individuals who are intrigued by the virtual world, and researchers a digital experience that transcends the real world to a virtual one by enabling them to communicate socially and build fully virtual worlds that further augment the real world. The virtual city also provides its target audience of different ages an opportunity to play PlaytoEarn (P2E). This feature is currently available, and users can log into it through the Mine Craft game, buy properties, virtual land plots, and digital assets.