Metaverse Platform Metarix Partners With Tenset


Metarix has announced its partnership with one of the most trusted launchpad platforms Tenset.

The Metarix is a smart contract platform built on its own Layer 2 Blockchain experienced (but not limited to) in its Metaverse. The project is in its early stages of building, currently building its blockchain, followed by metaverse, DEX, NFT marketplace, SDK service, WEB3.0 platform, P2E game, and the other stage 1 production attractions and experiences.

The company is launching a presale in partnership with Tenset and a few of their products will be launched soon.  The Metarix offers a platform that allows other crypto programs, games, NFTs, and decentralised exchanges (DEXs) to run inside or outside its metaverse. Inside, there are islands, properties for sale, houses, beaches, mountains, businesses, attractions, mini-games, concert halls, arcades, shops, NFT marketplace, banks, and software development kits that will be the game development centre to help the average joe design his own iteration of the 90’s arcade game he was addicted to, or the teen creating his own viral NFT.

Metarix also has an NFT marketplace to support the games, music, and NFTs created with the SDKs and a DEX to support the cryptos created via the new games and the games hosted in Metarix Metaverse. This ecosystem is governed by the MTRX (Metarix Token), which is in Presale starting this May. The token launch is expected to happen after all presale events and IEOs.