Docker Launches DaaS With Kasm Workspaces


The technical collaboration includes research and development on Docker orchestration open-source technology

Kasm Technologies in partnership with Docker has developed Kasm Workspaces as a Containerised Desktop Infrastructure platform for streaming remote workspaces directly to your web browser. The technical collaboration between Kasm Technologies and Docker includes research and development on Docker orchestration open-source technology used for streaming desktops, browsers and applications to the browser.

“Docker’s ecosystem is now the foundation for a powerful new type of Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Docker Hub, Docker Desktop, and supporting tools help teams build safely, collaborate seamlessly, and rapidly deploy critical applications. Kasm Technologies, a Docker Verified Publisher, provides the Workspaces Container Streaming platform that delivers Docker-powered Linux desktops directly to any web browser,” said Ajeet Singh Raina, Docker Captain, Docker.

Kasm Workspaces replaces legacy Virtualised Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offerings like Citrix Workspaces and VMWare Horizons by leveraging Docker containers rather than full-stack operating systems. The Docker ecosystem provides the Workspaces Container Streaming solutions, each with some noteworthy advantages over traditional platforms:

  • Desktops Boot in Seconds: Containers run on a shared kernel and Workspace images boot in under two seconds.
  • Reduced System Resources: Containers share system resources and load only minimal essential services, thus consuming less compute, memory, and disk space.
  • DevOps Pipelines for Patching and Build Automation: The Dockerfile build process automates the system compilation for release-pipeline automation, intervention-free system updates, and guaranteed uptime. Passive processes also bolster security patching, software functionality, and performance.
  • Orchestration for Scalability: Docker orchestration automates the process of establishing additional images and controlling resource allocation.
  • Portable/Shareable for Reuse: Containers work cross-platform without dependencies so they can be shared within Docker Hub.
  • Platform Agnostic for Compatibility: Workspaces can orchestrate any system with Docker, allowing it to run in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid configuration.
  • Web-Native for Usability: Open-Source KasmVNC rendering technology streams the desktop UI to the user’s browser, using web-native technology that doesn’t require an agent or plugin.

Matt McClaskey, CTO, Kasm Technologies, said, “The partnership between Docker and Kasm Technologies presents the next generation of Desktop as a Service solution through Docker Container Streaming technology. The Workspaces solution revolutionises the delivery of remote workspaces through our cloud-centric, DevOps-enabled and web-native approach.”