Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global Consolidates Enterprise-Grade Virtualisation Solution


Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) has recently completed implementing an enterprise virtualisation platform in cooperation with Nutanix, a provider of hybrid multi-cloud computing, to improve infrastructure performance and scalability.

The decision was taken to update the organisation’s virtualisation infrastructure, which was built 15 years ago, and implement private cloud services to all of the TAG.Global’s businesses and services across the globe.

Khaldon Atieh, TAG.Global ICT Executive Director, said, “After great deliberation and careful planning, we took the decision to upgrade our current cloud offering by implementing Nutanix AHV. Our growing number of offices and greater demand for ICT services as a result of the digital transformation we are currently undergoing meant that we had to look into streamlining operations and implement a scalable solution to continue delivering reliable ICT services to our 110+ offices around the world.”

Delivering ICT services was a challenge due to the three-tier infrastructure architecture implemented in TAG.Global which was becoming cumbersome to administer and manage.

Khaldon Atieh, TAG.Global ICT Executive DirectorKhaldon Atieh added, “TAG.Global relies heavily on ICT for its daily operations. We must ensure that we are constantly able to deliver reliable services at all times to keep business-critical applications operational. This was becoming challenging using a traditional three-tier architecture which was starting to introduce greater management complexity. Moving to Nutanix AHV will allow us to boost performance across all our applications, as well as introduce greater security and scalability across all systems.”

He went on to say, “Previously, we would spend considerable time and resources on upgrades and updates and had to constantly keep track of license renewals. With Nutanix AHV, we can now simplify management and expand our environment with ease.”

Implementing the new solution has given TAG.Global’s ICT department to move forward and look into establishing public cloud services for customers, which will include network-as-a-Service, Solution-as-a-Service, and website hosting offerings.

“We are very proud that our virtualisation solution has improved the performance of TAG.Global’s mission-critical applications and reduced operational complexities, and thus played an important role in the digital transformation initiatives of the Group. We look forward to building on the business relationship and helping the Group as their digitisation plans evolve in future,” concluded Mohammad Abulhouf, Senior Sales Director KSA, Bahrain & Qatar at Nutanix.