Microsoft and G42 Invests in Kenya’s Digital Ecosystem

Microsoft and G42 announce $1 B digital ecosystem in Kenya

This initiative will empower the Kenyan government and communities with robust, secure cloud services and AI capabilities.

Microsoft and G42 have announced a comprehensive package of digital investments to accelerate digital transformation in Kenya and East Africa.

The collaboration will invest an initial $1 billion to support different components of the initiative. Among the top priorities is the construction of a green data centre. This facility, to be built by G42 and its partners, will host Microsoft Azure services in a new East Africa Cloud Region, driving the digital ecosystem forward.

This initiative, undertaken in collaboration with the Republic of Kenya’s Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy, is a milestone in the region’s technological advancement.

Kenya’s President, Dr William Samoei Ruto, said, “This partnership is bigger than technology itself. It is about coming together of three countries with a common vision of a nation empowered by technology, where every citizen has the opportunity to thrive in the global digital landscape. It’s about building a future where Kenya flourishes as a digital leader.”

He added, “In the spirit of mutual growth and shared prosperity…It embodies our collective aspiration to bridge the digital divide,  accelerate technological innovation, and pave the way for a thriving digital economy that benefits the entire African continent and beyond.”

Peng Xiao, Group Chief Executive Officer at G42, said, “By establishing a green data centre and developing AI tailored to the local culture, G42 is committed to fostering sustainable technological growth. This initiative will empower the Kenyan government and communities with robust, secure cloud services and AI capabilities, providing the foundation for a thriving digital economy across the region.”

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The initiative encompasses five main pillars, each aimed at fostering local technological growth and innovation: developing local-language AI models, establishing an East Africa Innovation Lab with comprehensive AI skills training, enhancing international and local connectivity, collaborating with the Kenyan government for secure cloud services, and building a sustainable data centre infrastructure. The data centre, powered by renewable geothermal energy, is set to become operational within 24 months.