Nutanix Partners with EDB and Dell Technologies

Nutanix Partners with EDB and Dell Technologies

Nutanix’s strategic partnership with Dell and EDB will enable enterprise customers to scale computing and storage independently. 

Nutanix, a hybrid multi-cloud computing company, has announced two strategic partnerships to accelerate digital transformation for its customers. In collaboration with Enterprise DB (“EDB”), Nutanix aims to enable customers to harness the power of PostgreSQL to support their most data-intensive and highly secure applications and workloads.

In addition, Nutanix announced a strategic collaboration with Dell Technologies to accelerate customers’ digital transformation journeys through infrastructure modernisation and modern application development. Joint customers will benefit from Dell and Nutanix hybrid multi-cloud solutions, improving IT operations, resiliency, and flexibility.

“Nutanix Database Service automates provisioning, patching, cloning, and data protection to accelerate deployment, support day two operations, maintain compliance, and manage databases at scale,” said Tarkan Maner, Chief Commercial Officer at Nutanix. “Our collaboration with EDB allows customers to deploy PostgreSQL in the most demanding enterprise environments while simultaneously increasing productivity for developers building applications on PostgreSQL.”

“Enterprises are managing a growing number of applications across on-premises, public cloud, and at the edge, looking for a unified platform to run their legacy and containerised applications. This expanded collaboration will enable Dell and Nutanix joint customers to benefit from increased flexibility, simplified operations, and strengthened resilience,” said Maner added. 

The strategic partnership with EDB brings a unique solution that integrates Nutanix Database Service’s (NDB) developer self-service and database automation with EDB’s high performance, enterprise security, and Oracle compatibility capabilities. 

Kevin Dallas, Chief Executive Officer at EDB, said, “The expanded partnership between Nutanix and EDB promises a seamless path to migration from legacy systems and provides a competitive edge for the AI generation of applications with support for transactional, analytical, and AI workloads. EDB’s future data and AI platform will catapult PostgreSQL into the world of data analytics and AI, providing businesses with a PostgreSQL-enabled, comprehensive data ecosystem.”

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As a part of the Dell collaboration, Dell will offer an integrated turnkey hyper-converged appliance that combines the power of Nutanix Cloud Platform and Dell servers. This solution, available with a broad portfolio of PowerEdge server models and configurations, is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. Additionally, the Nutanix Cloud Platform for Dell PowerFlex will offer computing along with Dell PowerFlex for storage, enabling enterprise customers to scale computing and storage independently.

Arthur Lewis, President of Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, said, “Dell Technologies is committed to providing organisations with the choice and flexibility they need to adopt a multi-cloud approach on their terms with their preferred cloud solution vendor. Our collaboration with Nutanix will enable our customers to benefit from the performance and resiliency of the Dell solutions along with the flexibility and ease of use of the Nutanix Cloud Platform.”

The joint solutions from Dell and Nutanix are currently under development and will be available to customers in early access later this year.