Microsoft Power Up Tasmu Platform In Qatar


Microsoft alongside a global consortium of partners led by Ooredoo joined the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to bring to life the Tasmu Platform, a one-of-a-kind, ground-breaking, smart city solution in Qatar. 

Built on Microsoft’s highly available, scalable, and secure Azure cloud infrastructure, Tasmu Platform’s advanced and intelligent services will evolve the country’s digital ecosystem for all enterprises, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and citizens. 

The platform functions as a digital marketplace that streamlines the coordination of public services across all five sectors, thus driving the adoption of smart solutions for service providers and service consumers across Qatar. Through the platform, innovators and entrepreneurs can implement smart solutions to improve and facilitate their digital performance within each priority sector, outlining their key performance indicators to meet the needs of the people of Qatar.  

Jassim bin Saif bin Ahmed Al Sulaiti, Minister of Transport and Communications, said: “At the Ministry of Transport and Communications, our role is to revolutionise and secure our country’s future through research, development, and innovation. For years, we have been deploying innovative solutions and unlocking advanced technologies to provide a positive economic and societal impact on our country. Today, with the launch of the Tasmu Platform, we are bringing to life the backbone of Qatar’s smart country vision. Built to be a unified authority orchestrating the entire nation, the platform will ensure improved sector alignment, better use of resources, and focused investments. We are incredibly proud of this pioneering smart-city solution, and we strongly believe that it may become a model and blueprint for future smart country projects around the world.”

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Powered by Microsoft Azure and Internet of Things, the Tasmu Platform is a sustainable, resilient and innovative platform featuring world-leading data capabilities and strong governance to encourage cross-sector collaboration and data-sharing, while ensuring privacy and security.   

She added: “We stand ready, as ever, to work with the government in driving a culture of technology innovation to usher in a new era of socio-economic prosperity, and accelerate the country’s digital transformation agenda. By joining hands to harness the power of integrated cloud-based technologies, people in Qatar will soon have access to facilities that create endless potential value.” 

The Tasmu Platform forms the foundation of Qatar’s digital transformation and aims to be a single point-of-contact for citizens, service providers and other smart city ecosystem players, to enable an end-to-end smart city experience. In the next decade, the Platform will facilitate the launch of more than 200 Tasmu smart solutions and applications across five key sectors: Transport, Healthcare, Logistics, Environment, and Sports.

The Platform currently provides more than 80 products and 37 smart city services, spanning across five main pillars: Internet of Things device on-boarding and management, Enablers and accelerators, Smart city value addition, Revenue generation, and Platform support.

The number of services will be enhanced on a continuous basis under the Open Innovation Plan, allowing developers to create, combine, and integrate their smart solutions within the Tasmu Platform. Services enabled can range from helping users get around the city, to paying bills, interacting with government services, making hospital appointments, to managing their smart urban places, homes, and offices, as well as facilitating their lives in a sustainable and a productive fashion.

Smart solutions already operational on the Tasmu Platform include, Virtual Consultation, a Healthcare smart solution developed in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health; the Tasmu Digital Farmer Community, an environment smart solution developed in collaboration with the Agricultural Affairs department of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) and Tasmu’s National Food Security Analytics smart solution, which was formed in collaboration with the Food Security department at MME.  

To deliver a simple, easy to navigate and an effective customer experience, the Platform will be supported by the Tasmu Mobile Application, available to Qatar’s residents and visitors.