TetraScience Launches Innovative Discovery Capabilities in R&D Data Cloud


TetraScience, the R&D Data Cloud company, announced that the latest release of its Tetra Data Platform (TDP) now includes full-text search and browsing features for faster and more flexible access to experimental data. These capabilities will reduce time spent on implementing queries while enabling lab and data scientists to explore search results more intuitively, apply advanced data science, and accelerate time-to-insight.

“Life sciences R&D teams struggle with fragmented, heterogeneous lab equipment and software systems that generate massive amounts of data. Accessing disparate experimental data in these disconnected lab solutions and workflows have always been a challenge – let alone the ability to effectively query the data and enable advanced data science applications,” said Siping “Spin” Wang, TetraScience founder, president and CTO. “Global biopharma companies are continually looking to fuel innovation and gain deeper insights from their data. The ability to easily access, search and preview data in a life sciences R&D Data Cloud will further accelerate discovery across the industry.” 

“Our customers are accelerating discovery and gaining competitive advantage by re-platforming their experimental data to the cloud,” said Michelle Bradbury, vice president of products at TetraScience. “By providing users with more powerful and intuitive search capabilities, along with the ability to quickly browse all their harmonised data in a centralised cloud-native platform, our customers will be able to gain far greater insights and more rapidly iterate on experimental results,” 

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Full-text index and search capabilities, in addition to ElasticSearch, help ensure users find data points and insights that are typically easy to miss when querying RAW experimental data. Additionally, browsing and previewing data based on internally-known source file paths gives users an intuitive way to explore the Tetra Data Lake, significantly minimising time spent searching for data. In addition to enhanced query capabilities, scientists can use their favourite data science tools with an improved data access layer.

The latest release of Tetra Data Platform also includes significant operations tooling enhancements, including cloud configuration for data collection agents, and dashboards for real-time monitoring of system status and health. R&D IT teams benefit through greater operational efficiency, increased platform uptime, and improved responsiveness to data science business requirements. The latest release of TDP is generally available (GA) for TetraScience customers.