Netskope Acquires WootCloud


Contextual Intelligence derived from machine learning will help customers identify, assess and remediate threats from IoT devices on their networks

Netskope has acquired WootCloud, an innovator in applying Zero Trust principles to IoT security. The acquisition brings to Netskope WootCloud’s HyperContext Security Platform, which provides end-to-end visibility, context, and threat remediation for managed and unmanaged devices, and will extend Netskope’s acclaimed SSE and Zero Trust capabilities to protect enterprise IoT devices at scale.

WootCloud technology will enable Netskope customers to support both users- and device-centric policies with Zero Trust principles applied to govern access and interactions with critical data. WootCloud offers device discovery, classification, and control to help customers gain deep visibility and context into all devices on their networks (both managed and unmanaged) and provide a risk and threat assessment measurement for devices that can be leveraged within a broader IoT security strategy. WootCloud’s cloud-based platform is capable of collecting billions of daily measurements of device characteristics, and this telemetry data is further analysed using proprietary AI/ML models for device classification, risk assessment, and threat detection.

WootCloud critical uses cases include:

  • Device classification and visibility to discover managed and unmanaged devices, classify and provide contextual information, and provide deep insights that “true-up” an asset inventory
  • Device Risk is dynamically ascertained by continuous real-time monitoring to detect malicious behaviour, and exchange device attributes with security operations tools for remedial actions.
  • Access control and segmentation to offer dynamic asset grouping, automate network segmentation and facilitate various actions using existing Network Access Control (NAC), firewalls, access points, and other technologies
  • Cybersecurity asset management to drive compliance with corporate policies and gain insights into licence use, helping to optimise the total IT environment

“Securing a hybrid work environment includes the ability to establish adaptive zero-trust across users, devices, networks, applications, and data— increasing confidence in policy enforcement everywhere. WootCloud’s innovative technology will further extend Netskope’s industry-leading SSE and Zero Trust capabilities, ensuring that critical data is protected from the network to the cloud, to enterprise IoT devices,” said Sanjay Beri, CEO and Co-founder, Netskope.