Next-Gen Crunchy Postgres For Kubernetes Released

Next Generation Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes Released

Crunchy Data — the leading provider of trusted open source PostgreSQL products, support, and training — announces the release of the next generation of its Kubernetes native PostgreSQL offering, Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes. 

Powered by PGO, the open source Postgres Operator from Crunchy Data, Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.0 provides a fully declarative workflow for creating automatically managed, production-ready Postgres clusters in Kubernetes compatible with GitOps workflows and is trusted by organisations like SAS Institute, IBM, SIX Digital Exchange (SDX, the Switzerland Financial Exchange), Avaya, Cognite, Deloitte Digital NZ, MotoRefi, and the Swiss Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (FOITT).

Kubernetes Native Postgres

Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.0 builds on the latest features from Kubernetes to automatically manage Postgres infrastructure through a declarative user experience. Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.0 provides advanced resiliency and healing mechanisms to ensure key components are always available and rebuilt as needed, and eliminates single-points-of-failure for managing critical PostgreSQL functions, such as high availability, backups, and monitoring.

  • Fully Declarative. Describe how and where to deploy Postgres clusters with desired customisations.
  • GitOps Ready. Fully supports standard Kubernetes deployment tools such as Helm, Kustomize, and OLM, and can be deployed readily within a CI/CD pipeline.
  • Easy to Get Started. Simple to connect applications to an open source Postgres database on Kubernetes leveraging best practices for infrastructure as code.
  • Easy to Upgrade. Perform maintenance operations such as software version updates or resource resizing with zero downtime. Seamlessly upgrade Operator software alongside the fast-moving Kubernetes ecosystem.
  • Production Grade. Trusted by leaders in Kubernetes for production ready Postgres for its turnkey methods for setting up essential features including high availability, disaster recovery, monitoring, and security.

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Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes is built to conveniently support cloud native Postgres workloads. Built from many years of running Postgres on Kubernetes in mission-critical environments, Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes provides the essential features for production Postgres:

  • High Availability. Consensus-based and scalable across multiple Kubernetes clusters enables flexible “always on” architectures.
  • Disaster Recovery. Manage backups from zero to many terabytes. Multiple choices of storage available: Kubernetes-native, S3, GCS, Azure.
  • Monitoring. Kubernetes-specific Postgres insights and alerts to spot problems before they occur.
  • Security. Unprivileged, locked-down containers with TLS enabled by default, coupled with secure credential management.
  • Performance. Scale and tune database settings to meet workload demands.
  • Convenience. Easy customisations, cloning data and connection pooling make it simpler to maintain applications.

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source, object-relational database system with more than 25 years of active development and a strong global development community. Commercial enterprises and government agencies with a focus on advanced data management benefit from PostgreSQL’s proven architecture and reputation for reliability, data integrity, and cost effectiveness.


Crunchy Postgres for Kubernetes 5.0 is available for immediate download in the Crunchy Data Customer Portal and the Crunchy Data Developer Portal. The source code for PGO, the Postgres Operator from Crunchy Data is available on GitHub.