NLP Logix Launches Service to Build Custom Language Models and Interact with Data


The pioneering AI and machine learning provider has created a powerful service allowing businesses to gain insights and make better decisions while protecting their intellectual property.

NLP Logix, a provider of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, has announced a groundbreaking new service that will allow companies and organisations to build large language models based on their own data and interact with it, similar to ChatGPT.

The new service, which is now available, is designed to help organisations in a variety of industries make better use of the data they collect. By building a large language model tailored to their needs and requirements, companies can improve their ability to analyse data, gain insights, and make better decisions. For example, a call centre can interact with their data and ask questions such as, which of my agents is nicest to my clients? Or a software platform provider could ask for its ticketing data; which is the most likely resolution to this new ticket?

“We are thrilled to announce that our new service now includes the ability for our clients to interact with their data and receive responses in natural language,” said Matt Berseth, Chief Information Officer of NLP Logix. “By providing this added functionality, we believe our clients will be able to extract more value from their data and gain deeper insights into their operations.

In addition to the interactive feature, the large language model built on the client’s data becomes the company’s intellectual property. This means that the company retains full ownership of the model and can use it for its own internal purposes without restriction.

“We understand that data is one of the most valuable assets a company can possess,” said Berseth. “By ensuring that the large language model trained on their data remains their intellectual property, we are giving our clients peace of mind that their proprietary information is secure and protected.”

NLP Logix has been a pioneer in natural language processing, developing advanced machine-learning algorithms capable of understanding and analysing large volumes of text-based data. The company has worked with a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and academic institutions, to develop customised AI solutions that meet their unique needs.