Nutanix To Support Educational Institutions With Transformative Technology 


Nutanix supports all popular hypervisors so that IT teams can manage the data centre with the tools of their choice

Nutanix announced its focus on supporting educational institutions in Saudi Arabia, as they look to modernise their IT infrastructures and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

“Learning will increasingly take place using a hybrid approach that more flexibly combines classroom and remote learning, and enables both with the latest digital technologies. Educational institutions in the Kingdom are eager to embrace improved learning pathways which can present significant challenges for legacy IT infrastructure. New trends such as distance learning, educational portals, BYOD, virtualisation, learning applications and instructional videos are creating new models of teaching and learning and require requisite support from campus IT systems. IT infrastructure needs to be more adaptable than ever to address these trends under tighter budgets and with limited IT resources. Nutanix understands these imperatives and provides a simple solution for a future-proof IT infrastructure for modern educational institutions,” said Mr Tareq Hassan, Senior Enterprise Sales Manager, Saudi Arabia.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is the industry’s leading hyper-converged infrastructure solution that natively converges compute, virtualisation and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence. Nutanix delivers cost savings and predictable scalability for even the most intensive workloads with a simple scale-out architecture that enables educational institutions to start with small deployments and grow incrementally into enormous installations. The advanced architecture of the Nutanix platform allows high availability across all system components to an unlimited number of simultaneous users. The platform’s ease of configuration lets institutions roll out as budgets permit by campus, department, or grade.

From Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) workloads to Exchange Mailboxes to administrative tools like Infinite Campus and Pearson Education products, Nutanix provides the flexibility to run multiple applications on a single infrastructure. This eliminates the need for expensive, dedicated resources per application while satisfying electronic information protection regimes. Non-disruptive upgrades and all-inclusive software remove numerous points of failure, reducing the need for maintenance and the likelihood of outages.

Nutanix Prism is the ideal end-to-end consumer-grade management solution for educational institutions bringing unprecedented simplicity by combining various aspects of administration and reporting. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, Prism can mine large volumes of system data to automate everyday tasks and generate actionable insights for optimising virtualisation, infrastructure management and everyday operations. New resources to support research and curricula projects can be provisioned and deployed in minutes instead of weeks or months.

Nutanix supports all popular hypervisors so that IT teams can manage the data centre with the tools of their choice. All Nutanix solutions include AHV virtualisation— delivering a high-performance, license-free hypervisor with built-in management., providing the capabilities that educational institutions need.

“Technology can accelerate the transformation of education, democratise access, and facilitate lifelong learning. With mid-career education critical to a changing economy, education is no longer just for the young. Nor is it strictly dependent on geography or having the ability to relocate. Digital technology can enable institutions to expand their reach exponentially. Nutanix provides technology solutions that accelerate digital transformation and shape the future of education,” added Mr Hassan.