OPSWAT and Starlink Bolster MEA’s Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity


OPSWAT, a global leader in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) cybersecurity solutions, today announced a partnership with value-added distributor (VAD) Starlink, an Infinigate Group company and a regional leader in delivering market-leading cyber and cloud solutions. Covering the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, Starlink will offer customers a well-rounded approach to cybersecurity. 

This joint value proposition for customers comes when many countries across the region keep up with digitalisation, thus expanding their industrial sectors and modernising their critical infrastructures. The IoT-fueled convergence between digital IT and industrial operational technology (OT) has led to a burgeoning attack surface and a multiplication of challenges for OT-heavy organisations — skill shortages, inability to securely transfer files and devices into, across, and out of secure environments, and more. OPSWAT has an answer to these challenges — an end-to-end cybersecurity platform purposely built to protect enterprise IT and industrial OT environments. 

“The cyber threat landscape is unrelenting and has impacted at both an individual and national level,” said Sertan Selcuk, VP of Sales, Middle East, Turkey, Africa, and Pakistan, at OPSWAT. “Cybercriminals go where they can be profitable, and the expanding attack surface, driven by the convergence between OT and IT, is a lucrative target for them. OPSWAT is here to respond. As we fortify our unwavering commitment to safeguarding critical infrastructures in the region, we seek partners with the skills and reputation to amplify our capabilities and bring those capabilities to customers. Our partnership with Starlink is a significant stride in reinforcing the region’s cyber defences and ensuring uncompromising protection for our clients against the ever-evolving threats they face.”

OPSWAT’s partnership with Starlink allows the company to expand its product portfolio in the region and reach a broader customer base. It will leverage Starlink’s extensive network and market reach to further expand its growth. The company can tap into Starlink’s resources, expertise, and customer relationships, strengthening its regionwide cybersecurity position through an enhanced market presence and greater flexibility to address organizations’ needs. 

Meanwhile, OPSWAT’s portfolio will complement Starlink’s, which already bridges multiple domains, from infrastructure security and data protection to OT security and compliance management. The collaboration will enrich the VAD’s ability to serve the security needs of a broader customer base that includes both IT and OT, which gives Starlink a significant differentiator in the regional cybersecurity solutions market. 

Starlink will focus on developing business opportunities for OPSWAT’s comprehensive solutions and zero-trust technologies in all major verticals, leveraging the VAD’s tried-and-tested approach of offering solutions to business challenges rather than selling products or technologies in isolation. The distributor’s GTM strategy aligns with OPSWAT’s ongoing approach to working with its channel to assist customers by identifying specific cybersecurity challenges and deploying a holistic approach that results in a complete set of solutions. In conjunction with this strategy, OPSWAT is committed to training select channel technical teams, and such enablement sessions are currently ongoing for the sales, technical, and marketing teams of Starlink.

“We are looking forward to extending our fullest support in accelerating business growth for OPSWAT in the region,” added Ahmed Diab, COO of Starlink. “Together, we shall deliver great value to enterprises to secure their critical infrastructure.  Our integrated, solution-selling GTM strategy gives us an edge to drive more demand and generate bigger turnkey business opportunities. This collaboration has huge potential for us, as OPSWAT complements multiple technologies in our portfolio.”