Ozobot Brings Learning To Life With MetaBot


Ozobot, global leader of programmable robotics and STEAM-based learning solutions for K-12 education that empower the next generation of creators, unveiled its newest innovation — MetaBot — the first free augmented reality (AR) robot for education.

MetaBot is an interactive learning experience that enables all children to build coding literacy and create with technology in any environment using a single smartphone or tablet.

Research shows that AR immersive experiences enhance K-12 learning outcomes and expand opportunities at all levels of learning. Starting today, students and educators of all backgrounds can unlock unlimited possibilities to learn with augmented reality and transform any space into an engaging 3D experience with MetaBot. Students can use a smartphone or tablet to bring a 3D Evo robot to life instantly, right in front of their eyes, whether at home, in the classroom or on the go. No physical robots, apps or fees are required.

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“MetaBot is our answer to the digital divide and furthers our mission to democratise educational technology while also allowing us to stake a claim in the metaverse with education,” said Andy Fathollahi, CEO, Ozobot. “We believe every student should have access to STEAM education and equity in computer science, regardless of their circumstances or environment.”

As part of the launch, Ozobot is offering all learners access to its curriculum library, Classroom, to build coding literacy, practice programming and gain computer science skills with MetaBot through a selection of free, downloadable standards-aligned lessons and activities.

Fathollahi added, “With the launch of MetaBot, an entire classroom can learn to code, create and collaborate through select STEAM curriculum and lessons using a single smartphone or tablet; equipping virtually all learners with the future-ready skills needed to further their education, careers and entrance into the metaverse.”