The AI Trends for 2021

The proliferation of AI has meant that companies such as Google, Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft are introducing new AI algorithms to mimic humans and make smarter decisions.  

2020 presented the opportunity to use technology for various industries and allowed many to adopt AI solutions to remain competitive. With the rapid AI development, it is going to impact us in many ways and here are five AI trends for 2021.

Detection of Cyber Attacks
Increase in digital businesses has also increased the risk of the data breach. In 2018, 21 per cent of enterprises had experienced breaches leading to losses in billions. AI is playing an important role in redefining cybersecurity. It is reported that 61per cent of enterprises today cannot detect a security breach without AI.

AI also reduces the time taken to detect security breaches up to 12%. The AI is also being trained to detect fraud, intrusion, and malware that further enhance the enterprises’ data security.  

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Role in Networks
AI can significantly advance networking by facilitating real-time conversation and providing the best quality connection service across the industries. AI for networking can help the enterprise predict the user experience and adjust the bandwidth based on the application in use. 

The combination of Artificial and Human Intelligence can design enhanced networks that maintain and detect the abnormal build-up of traffics that can lead to hacking attempts.  

AI Adoption in Educational Institution 

 COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the education system leading to shut down of institutions worldwide.  AI proved to provide benefits and shape the education sector’s future.  AI can successfully replace human grading of students, allowing teachers to concentrate more on classroom activities. It can also help students of different levels study specific topics by designing a custom-tailored education according to their needs. 

By upgrading AI technology platforms in the education sector, students in near-future can rely on AI tutors for understanding the basics of complex subjects l. 

Increase in Marketing 

One of the significant common factors between AI and marketing is the use of data. Marketers have to redesign their strategies to meet the growing expectations of their consumers. But with AI-powered marketing, they will be able to reach their target audience and deliver the right message resulting in successful campaigns.  

AI enables marketers to segregate their consumers based on the data collected and personalise consumers needs. Many tech companies like  Apple and Microsoft have built a base of loyal consumers by using AI-powered marketing for better consumer experience.  

The AI Trends for 2021 _D1Enhanced Customer Support
Customer service is the backbone of all business and has been the focus area of investment for many past years. AI is evolving the customer support industry by revamping the customer experience service. Training the AI technologies to understand what users mean saves agents’ time and helps them respond quickly in real-time. 

What drives investors to focus on the customer service industry is AI’s ability to self-learn by giving them access to enterprises’ articles and solutions to provide accurate information. It can also perform automated pre-interaction tasks to understand and classify consumers’ issues and intelligent routing to agents. 

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Government Funding for AI

Many governments have prioritised AI technology developments for defence and non-defence purposes. Placing the right data and technology platforms, AI can transform government operations and help governments work effectively on their missions and strategies. 

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have announced well-funded AI initiatives and policies to level up the AI technology used in the region.