Palo Alto Networks Joins Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program

Prisma Access provides visibility, data protection, threat protection and control for Microsoft 365 enterprise customers.

Businesses are now expected to deliver exceptional user experiences to their employees — whether at work, home, or on the go – as well as to third parties and external customers. Many choose the leading enterprise cloud-enabled collaboration suite, Microsoft 365, to help accomplish this. Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader, joined the Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program to provide direct and efficient connectivity for Microsoft 365 users through the industry-leading Prisma Access service, facilitating an optimal user experience aligned with Microsoft’s connectivity principles.

“As enterprises use direct-to-app architectures for their hybrid workforces, IT teams can find themselves with limited visibility and control over what applications users are accessing. Prisma Access reduces administrative and management burden by enabling the dynamic identification and categorisation of Microsoft 365 traffic providing secure branch direct Internet access via Prisma Access,” said Kumar Ramachandran, SVP of Products, Palo Alto Networks.

“We can’t reinforce enough the importance of having a trusted ecosystem of technology partners. As a member of the Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program, we help customers feel confident in the security of their cloud environments and applications.”

Palo Alto Networks flagship cloud-delivered security platform, Prisma Access, meets all the requirements for securing Microsoft 365 and other cloud applications, enabling safe and reliable Zero-Trust access to all the applications users need from anywhere. For teams responsible for keeping users secure, Prisma Access enables:

  • A cloud-delivered security platform spanning over 100 global locations in more than 70 countries
  • API and inline-based data loss prevention and threat prevention
  • Native and autonomous digital experience monitoring
  • Simplified deployment and fast return on investment

“We’re thrilled to welcome Palo Alto Networks into the Networking Partner Program for Microsoft 365,” said Scott Schnoll, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. “Palo Alto Networks is a valued partner that is focused on helping Microsoft 365 customers implement the Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles. Microsoft only recommends Networking Partner Program member solutions for connectivity to Microsoft 365.”

In accordance with Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles, Prisma Access can differentiate Microsoft 365 traffic by leveraging Microsoft’s APIs for endpoints, enabling local egress for application traffic, and eliminating intrusive network security for Microsoft 365 connections. Palo Alto Networks’ integrated next-gen CASB approach helps IT security teams see and secure Microsoft 365 and many other applications, protect sensitive data stored and shared and prevent zero-day threats in real-time — all without deployment complexity or additional infrastructure.