Pure Storage Announces New Top End FlashArray Model


Pure Storage, an IT firm that delivers storage as-a-service in a multi-cloud world, announced FlashArray//XL, the newest member of the FlashArray family, designed for mission-critical, platinum tier enterprise applications — from large databases to containerised and cloud-native apps. FlashArray//XL delivers performance and scale with a nearly 80 per cent improvement in IOPS.

Application demand can shoot up in an instant and the need for new apps to be deployed requires IT teams quickly and efficiently. Top tier applications had to be scaled with legacy applications, requiring complicated, expensive procedures. Pure Storage’s new FlashArray//XL and Pure Fusion — Pure’s self-service, autonomous Storage-as-Code platform — Pure continues to add enterprise-grade scale to its promise of subscription storage that easily evolves to keep IT infrastructure agile and up-to-date.

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FlashArray//XL offers customers the following benefits:

  • The power to run demanding business services: Accelerate enterprise workloads with maximum performance at scale to operate at increased loads, with 100 per cent more host connectivity and two times more volume support on a single array.
  • A cloud-like model for deploying new apps quickly and easily: Designed to work in concert, Pure Fusion and FlashArray//XL give enterprises Storage-as-Code access to cloud scale, enabling platinum-level storage tiers and data policies with robust tools to optimise storage pools and workload placement.
  • The efficiency and density to consolidate applications for maximum TCO and green data center standards: Enable workload consolidation on fewer arrays to simplify operations, reduce rack space requirements, and reduce power consumption and cooling costs.
  • Always-on data protection that addresses ransomware threats: Ensure that data stored on FlashArray//XL is secure, available, and easily recoverable after disruptions, including attacks.
  • Future-proof with Evergreen subscription: Subscribers gain immediate access to ever-improving capabilities with a right-size guarantee and non-disruptive upgrades and capacity expansions as storage needs evolve.

Pure Storage’s FlashArray//XL and Pure Fusion was designed to meet demand from new customers who wanted to standardise their storage environments on the simplicity of the Pure subscription model but needed new levels of scale. This demand is already seeing early validation with pre-release orders to standardise top enterprise workloads on FlashArray//XL arrays, as customers eliminate the last remnants of their legacy Dell EMC footprint.

“Customers expect a new, modern way to scale enterprise storage. FlashArray//XL is a clear shot across the bow of legacy storage vendors by combining high-end scale of a true enterprise-class array with the scale-out agility of the cloud operating model,” said Shawn Hansen, VP and GM, FlashArray, Pure Storage.