Pure Storage To Demonstrate How Organisations Can Uncomplicate Storage


Pure Storage, the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, announced its participation at GITEX 2022, where it will showcase a series of recent innovations – including Evergreen//One, Pure Fusion, Portworx Data Services and FlashArray//X — that is intuitive, green and enable businesses to innovate at scale.

“The accelerated pace of digitalisation in the Middle East has been underpinned by the flexibility and convenience of modern as-a-service offerings. The data storage industry, at large, however, has not matched this pace of innovation – legacy solutions remain complex, lack agility and flexibility and aren’t innovative enough to meet the data requirements of modern businesses,” commented Omar Akar, Regional Vice President, Middle East & Emerging Africa, Pure Storage. “With a design approach fundamentally rooted in simplicity and customer-centricity, Pure continues to disrupt the storage industry with uncomplicated technology that enables transformation sustainably and cost-effectively.”

Visitors to the Pure Storage stand will have a chance to experience and interact with the latest solutions across three key themes:

  • As-a-service: In order to support regional enterprises as they embrace flexible, consumption-based operating models and invest in modern technologies and services that optimise for stronger value over time, Pure has advanced its unrivalled leadership in delivering Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) with updates to its Evergreen portfolio. This suite of products includes Evergreen//Forever, Evergreen//Flex and Evergreen//One prioritise cost efficiencies, a longer, sustainable technology lifecycle, and modernisation without disruption.
  • Infrastructure-as-code: As organisations modernise their infrastructure platforms and operations to support agility and accelerate innovation, there is a greater need to provide developers with the tools, interfaces and APIs they need to control the infrastructure and services as well as the automation of operations, application and data management to maximise their productivity. By combining the simplicity of the cloud with on-demand consumption and back-end provisioning, Pure Fusion enables organisations to deliver a new scale-out storage model that unifies arrays and optimises storage pools on the fly. Portworx Data Services (PDS), the industry’s first Database-as-a-Service platform for Kubernetes, enables developers to run heterogeneous data services from a single platform, on any cloud, and at a low cost.
  • Sustainability: Mitigating the environmental impact of data infrastructure is critical as data workloads increase. Pure recognises that building a sustainable model for the future now requires data storage engineered to require significantly lower power, lower cooling, and far less waste. With a portfolio that includes FlashArray, FlashBlade and Evergreen, the company is leading the way in delivering solutions and services that allow customers to decrease their environmental footprints dramatically. According to a recent product life cycle assessment (LCA) of its portfolio, specifically the FlashArray products, Pure Storage customers achieve up to 80 per cent reduction in direct carbon usage by data systems compared to competitive products. In addition, the newly launched FlashBlade//S delivers double the density, performance, and power efficiency of the previous platform.

“As a mainstay at GITEX for several years, Pure sees the exhibition as an unparalleled platform to engage with regional customers, prospects and partners on two fronts. For one, it allows us to understand their challenges and growth opportunities deeper. It also allows us to demonstrate how the innovations we have brought to market over the last 12 months can enable them to unleash innovation at scale. Given the pivot we see in the region towards subscription-based consumption models and a more sustainable approach to IT, we are particularly excited about the value proposition we are highlighting at this year’s edition of GITEX,” concluded Akar.