Saama Teams With Oracle to Offer Life Sciences Industry AI-Enabled Applications to Accelerate Clinical Trials


Saama recently announced that they have collaborated with Oracle to integrate Saama’s smart applications with the Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One platform. This collaboration empowers pharmaceutical companies with artificial intelligence (AI)-driven insights to expedite clinical trials – a critical need that has been reinforced in light of this year’s global pandemic. Saama Technologies is a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

Saama’s smart applications are being referred to as “game changers” for their ability to speed the validation of clinical trial data and shave time off drug development. Saama’s smart applications will be available as integrated add-ons to the Oracle Clinical One platform, including Clinical One Data Collection and Data Management Workbench (DMW). Saama’s purpose-built clinical applications are technology-agnostic and enable biopharma to take the power of AI further than ever before with an Intelligent Clinical Cloud architecture. Saama’s AI models are trained using more than a hundred million clinical data points and are easily embedded into existing infrastructure and business workflows.

“Rapid vaccine development in 2020 showed us that sling-shotting drug development from years to months is feasible with active collaboration between those driving science and those creating technology. We need innovative and robust platforms to scale 2020 learnings and accomplishments for application to future drug development,” said Sagar Anisingaraju, Chief Strategy Officer of Saama Technologies. “Saama welcomes the opportunity to join the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) and join forces with Oracle Health Sciences to empower pharmaceutical companies to make their eClinical environment smarter with our award-winning Intelligent Clinical Cloud applications to accelerate clinical data access, data mapping, analysis, and regulatory submissions.”

“The current global pandemic reinforced the need for speed and accuracy in clinical development to deliver safe and effective new therapies to patients, not just for COVID-19, but across the spectrum of human disease,” said James Streeter, Global Vice President Life Science Product Strategy, Oracle Health Sciences. “By connecting Saama’s smart applications to Clinical One Data Collection and DMW, we are able to help our life sciences customers advance their drug development timelines. Saama’s smart applications, combined with the Oracle platform, equip clinical trial teams with real-time insight to make faster decisions.”

Saama’s smart applications can help pharmaceutical companies realise the following benefits to their clinical research programs:

Smart Data Query, a purpose-built, deep learning-trained AI system to predict clinical data discrepancies with unprecedented accuracy, accelerates data cleaning and time to query, thereby improving the speed and efficiency of drug development.

Smart Auto Mapper automates the ingestion, mapping, and transformations needed to convert raw and disparate source system data into a unified standard, such as SDTM, for analysis and regulatory submissions.

Smart Programming Analytics & Computing Environment removes the barriers for clinical data programmers and biostatisticians by giving them an unprecedented choice of tools in a secured and validated environment. Study setup, process implementation, repositories for creating SDTM, ADaM, TLG, workspaces, and job management all get simplified for both exploratory analysis and regulatory submission.