Synthesis AI Delivers 10 Millionth Labeled Image from its FaceAPI Product 


Synthesis AI, a pioneer in synthetic data technologies, announced their 10 millionth generated labeled image, a testament to the increasing demand for synthetic data to drive new AI models. The company’s first product, FaceAPI, is being leveraged by leading companies to build more capable facial models for smartphone facial verification, teleconferencing, driver monitoring and smart assistants.

Synthesis AI’s unique API approach for synthetic data generation enables customers to create massive amounts of labeled data on-demand. The API empowers machine learning engineers to directly and effortlessly create data with an expanded set of pixel-perfect labels including dense facial landmarks, depth maps, surface normals, gaze, and sub-segmentation masks. 

Synthesis AI’s scalable cloud infrastructure can support production-level data generation. This announcement signals continued momentum as Synthesis AI recently announced a $4.5M funding round to add to its world-class R&D teams and continue leading the industry in the development of synthetic data technologies. Synthesis AI also recently released 40,000 unique high-resolution 3D facial models.

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“Synthetic data solves fundamental cost, efficiency, and accuracy issues with today’s human-labeled data approaches,’ said Yashar Behzadi, CEO and founder of Synthesis AI. “Traditionally, obtaining labeled facial images would cost about $3 an image for standard 2D landmarks. Instead, we are now able to produce images with never before labels such as depth maps, surface normals, dense 3D landmarks, gaze vectors, emotion, and more at a fraction of the cost and time. Once ML developers can generate labeled data on-demand through our simple FaceAPI, the ability to iterate and optimise model performance changes by orders of magnitude.”

Synthetic data is a disruptive technology that will democratise access to high-quality training data, allowing companies of all sizes to create best-in-class models. Synthesis AI will be introducing new APIs in the coming months to service broader use-cases and industries.

“This accomplishment is truly a testament to how Synthesis AI is setting the pace for synthetic data technology,” said Rob May, Partner at PJC. “We are excited to be supporting a true trailblazer putting a game-changing technology on the map.”