Telivity Launches Centel, Managed IoT Platform-as-a-Service


Telivity Inc. launched Telivity Centel, its fully managed, AI-ready, IoT Platform-as-a-Service.

The Centel platform allows development teams in businesses of all sizes to start building their smart tech stacks without dealing with usual architecture challenges or steep and long learning curves while granting maximum flexibility and scalability.

Telivity Centel platform provides companies with a low-cost resolution of the barrier-to-entry challenges currently associated with IoT adoption and IoT projects while using intelligent automation and a managed service model to dramatically reduce initial investment and ongoing operating costs. Telivity’s team includes co-creators and current Mainflux IoT Platform project maintainers, using that highly acclaimed open source technology as a core of the Centel platform.

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The Centel platform will initially be marketed through Telivity’s website, with Amazon AWS Marketplace expected to increase the company’s sales channels soon. The new Telivity Deployment Service (TDS) deploys Telivity’s open-source IoT device management and messaging platform (Telivity Core/Mainflux) to the client’s AWS account within minutes, compared to the usual 3-5 days of a multi-developer team effort.