Tenable Completes Acquisition Of Alsid


Tenable Holdings, Inc., the cyber exposure company, announced that it completed the acquisition of Alsid SAS, a provider in securing Active Directory. The acquisition combines the complementary strengths of two cybersecurity innovators and marks an important milestone in Tenable’s vision to help organisations understand and reduce cyber risk across the entire attack surface. Tenable also announced the availability of Tenable.ad, a new solution leveraging Alsid technology to secure Active Directory environments and disrupt one of the most common attack paths in both advanced persistent threats and common hacks.

Active Directory is used by 90 per cent of Fortune 1000 organisations as their primary method for authentication and authorisation, according to Frost & Sullivan. Its ubiquity makes Active Directory a favoured attack vector for bad actors who use its misconfigurations to move laterally across systems and escalate privileges. This risk has never been more acute than it is today, with so many people working remotely and often using personal devices to connect to corporate systems. Active Directory plays a critical role in managed single sign-on and the level of access users are granted once authenticated.

‘Active Directory is commonly targeted in attacks and is often the first thing bad actors go after when they gain access. Understanding your Active Directory security posture is a strategic and important complement to vulnerability management and is imperative to managing risk, especially in complex cloud and hybrid environments’, said Amit Yoran, Chairman and CEO, Tenable. ‘We are delighted to welcome the Alsid team to Tenable and to offer Tenable.ad to our customers so we can help them focus on the security challenges that pose the greatest risk to their business.’

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With Alsid’s deep expertise in securing Active Directory, Tenable is adding a new and innovative approach to disrupting cyberattacks. Tenable’s industry-leading risk-based vulnerability management solutions enable organisations to predict which vulnerabilities an attacker could leverage to gain an initial foothold. From there, the Tenable.ad enables users to find and fix existing weaknesses and detect ongoing attacks in real-time without the need to deploy agents or use privileged accounts. Tenable.ad, now generally available, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with an on-premises deployment option. Existing Alsid SaaS customers have the option of upgrading to Tenable.ad immediately.

‘Today Alsid joins forces with Tenable. We share a singular vision to help our customers with a more holistic approach to foundational cybersecurity that includes powerfully effective solutions to prevent and detect Active Directory-focused attacks’, said Emmanuel Gras, CEO and co-founder, Alsid. ‘While this milestone is important validation, we’re even more excited about the opportunities ahead of us as we integrate capabilities and expand into new markets globally.’