Tredence Inc Announces The Launch Of Tredence Studio


Tredence Inc., a leading data science and AI engineering company, announced the launch of their proprietary enterprise innovation platform, Tredence Studio, aimed at “value identification and value realisation” for enterprises.

Tredence Studio provides a marketplace for enterprises to foster co-innovation with:

  • Tredence Studio – An Enterprise Innovation Platform
  • Tredence Studio – An Enterprise Innovation Platform
  • Prebuilt AI and advanced analytics accelerators
  • Rapid AI design and development ecosystem
  • Reimagination of analytics interventions across organisational metrics

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“For the last eight years, we’ve been solving sophisticated business problems for our customers through our data science expertise. Tredence Studio is a culmination of our efforts in building advanced AI/ML models to solve complex economic and business challenges across various industries. With Tredence Studio, enterprises can operationalize AI at scale, taking innovation from vision to value effortlessly,” said Shub Bhowmick, Co-Founder and CEO at Tredence.

Tredence Studio helps enterprises build a unique competitive advantage by empowering every employee to innovate, test, and execute solutions for a wide range of business problems. “Last-mile adoption of AI has always been our strength. Now, we’re extending that to innovation as well,” said Soumendra Mohanty, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Tredence. “With Tredence Studio, enterprises will have the ability to re-imagine analytics interventions across customer touchpoints and business processes to drive sustainable business outcomes,” he added.

Tredence Studio endeavors to help customers adopt a test-and-learn culture to counter pervasive uncertainties. With pre-built AI accelerators and toolkits, the Studio can manage the overall innovation funnel and move ideas into impactful solutions.