Trend Micro Ties Up With Beyon To Boost Bahrain’s Cybersecurity


Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, has partnered with Beyon Cyber, a cybersecurity company protecting Bahrain’s most critical communications infrastructure.

The partnership, signed at the recent Gitex Global, will strengthen Bahrain’s cybersecurity framework with best-in-class security practices and standards for enhancing threat intelligence capabilities.

These include accurately identifying cyber threats in real-time, taking proactive action to contain them, and mitigating risk and damage, empowering the country’s organisations to safeguard all digital environments with full visibility and control.

Unparalleled cybersecurity

“Beyon Cyber is constantly striving to provide unparalleled cybersecurity services to its customers throughout the country, and this is supported by key partnerships that advance our capabilities,” said Sheikh Khaled Al Khalifa, CEO, Beyon Cyber.

“Collaborating with globally leading organisations such as Trend Micro allows us to strengthen our reach and enhance services that digital operations of today require to succeed. Cybersecurity is a critical component of digital transformation strategies across industries, and therefore it is a pleasure to partner with Trend Micro – one of the top leaders in Cyber Security providers – to help the nation’s businesses make better security decisions, achieve their desired outcomes, and remain aligned with Bahrain vision 2030.”

Beyon Cyber offers a complete portfolio of advanced cyber security solutions and services, and Trend Micro solutions will be natural complementary to the existing offers to continue to deploy turn-key solutions rapidly. Additionally, its advisory practice is built on the world’s leading security standards, provides access to over 3,000 cyber experts globally, best-in-class OT and cloud security solutions, as well as the most advanced private sector cyber defence services in the country, among others.

Complex digital world

“It is always gratifying to create new partnerships that can significantly advance an organisation’s cybersecurity stance against today’s more complex digital world,” said Mohammed Mrad, Channel Director, MEA, Trend Micro. Our strategic partnership with Beyon Cyber allows us to provide cutting-edge cybersecurity innovations that enable the nation’s enterprises to accelerate their growth and accomplish greater milestones in their digital journeys.

“Trend Micro looks forward to collaborating with Beyon Cyber and helping them protect Bahrain’s businesses against the evolving threat landscape, particularly in securing the country’s enterprise customers through Trend Micro’s specialised advanced security solutions for AWS, innovations for OT security, and the latest advanced technologies such as XDR, Zero Trust, and Attack surface management.”

“We have been able to successfully help the country’s enterprises adopt the best cybersecurity solutions and strategies by building upon the invaluable combination of innovation and collaboration,” said Assad Arabi, Managing Director, Gulf Cluster, Trend Micro.

“Partnering with Beyon Cyber further advances the cybersecurity movement, securing digital environments across industries and opening new avenues to acquire enhanced capabilities that will ensure business growth throughout the nation. We at Trend Micro look forward to working closely with Beyon Cyber and helping provide industry-leading solutions that prepare enterprises for the new digital era.”