Visionary Trio Creates Next-Gen Video and Image Annotation Platform for Machine Learning 


The Innotescus platform delivers high-performance annotation tools for image and video, bolstered by robust collaboration and analytics features, that significantly improve annotation speed and accuracy.

Innotescus is announcing the launch of its image and video annotation platform. The Innotescus platform provides an intuitive annotation workspace, comprehensive analytics, and a collaborative environment for teams to produce superior quality training datasets.

“The fundamental problem of AI is that the machines are only as good as what we teach them,” states Shashank Deshpande, Senior Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Scientist at Innotescus. Combined, the co-founders, Chris Anderson, Robert Walsh and Shashank Deshpande, have over 35 years of experience in the computer vision industry. Their work in multispectral image analysis laid the groundwork for their deep understanding of Computer Vision and Machine Learning development.

The Innotescus co-founders spent years building custom software to collect and analyse complex image data to train machine learning algorithms. This development work required lots of annotated data, and because no existing solution met their needs, Chris, Rob and Shashank built their own. Innotescus is that solution. The Innotescus platform delivers the very best annotation tools to machine learning practitioners that generates vast improvements to the training datasets that computer vision engineers use to train their models.

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“Our customer’s success is our primary focus,” says Chris Anderson, CTO of Innotescus. “By working closely with our users, we’re able to continually release features and benefits that make their work more impactful to the models they’re developing. I’m especially proud of our dev team for pushing high quality, customer-focused features at a weekly pace.”

“With our core feature set validated and in production, Innotescus has been able to focus on building features that enable teams to efficiently and effectively conquer the entire data preparation process,” says Tim Tannert CEO of Innotescus. From data visualisation tools to help teams identify biases early, to quality control features that help teams target and eliminate inaccuracies, Innotescus has been able to help its early users deploy high-performance, cost-efficient computer vision models. “Innotescus has offered us a set of tools that has streamlined our work in an unbeatable way that is reflected in the level of productivity of the team,” said Carnegie Mellon University Data Analyst, Hugo Angulo.