Yext Launches Interactive Data Hub To Reveal Consumer Search Behaviour Insights

Yext Launches Interactive Data Hub to Reveal Consumer Search Behavior Insights

Yext, the AI Search Company,  announced the launch of the Yext Data Hub, an interactive data repository that allows users to explore Yext’s wealth of search data and gain insights about online consumer behaviour around the world.

The data hub, which features eight different views for metrics like clicks for directions, clicks to call, impressions, and click-through rates, includes high-level summaries as well as detailed year-over-year* analyses. Each can be filtered by geography, industry verticals like financial services, healthcare, and retail — and even sub-verticals like ATMs, dental services, and clothing stores.

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“Our work using AI to transform the search experiences of businesses around the world has given us unparalleled access to search data that helps demystify the online customer journey,” said Marc Ferrentino, Chief Strategy Officer at Yext. “Over the last year and a half, businesses across all industries have seen volatile trends in search behaviour, making it difficult to measure performance and know-how to adjust. We hope that by making our search data accessible in this hub, businesses can get a comprehensive understanding of customer behaviour in their industry over time, benchmark their performance, and inform their strategy moving forward.”

As more businesses reopen and anticipate a full return to “normal,” the Yext Data Hub is particularly useful in comparing current consumer search behaviour before, during, and after peak pandemic levels.