Ready for Crypto-as-a-Service? 


Crypto asset management platform Mudrex recently launched an API-based Crypto-as-a-Service solution that enables both traditional and crypto-specific brokers, portfolio management services, and fintech to provide secure crypto investment products.

Crypto-as-a-Service provides instant access to cryptocurrency markets, giving you the flexibility to plug crypto trading into your existing platform or use it as the basis for brand new apps.

Crypto-as-a-Service offers KYC, regulatory, and compliance monitoring to brokerages. Meanwhile, custody and processing of the cryptocurrency will be administered by Mudrex. The technological framework is entirely constructed and supported by the global platform.

“It enables users to transact in cryptocurrencies using their preferred fiat currency, seamlessly allowing users to withdraw funds from a bank account to purchase cryptocurrency and convert them back into fiat currency in bank deposits,” said Mudrex in a press release.

Edul Patel, CEO & Co-founder, Mudrex, said, “Our latest addition is meant for B2B enterprises and is built in tandem with our larger mission. ‘Crypto as a service’ is set to ease these complexities for entities who have an appetite for expansion.”

At launch, Mudrex will support 70 different countries. This service will enable clients to build a single central wallet for their company or an endless number of wallets for each of their users.

Earlier in October, Nium API-based Crypto-as-a-Service platform claimed it was the first to allow financial institutions to integrate popular crypto capabilities into their financial applications, including the ability to buy, sell, and hold the most popular digital assets; future service elements will allow for stablecoin wallets, as well as crypto acceptance. Nium’s Crypto-as-a-Service solution includes: Comprehensive cryptocurrency investment services which allows enterprises to embed cryptocurrency investment services into any application to buy, sell, and hold popular digital currencies. It also assists with currency and other cryptocurrencies cryptocurrency compliance to integrate services with KYC and AML monitoring.

Such services are making it easier to plug crypto trading into existing platforms. Will it be the new opportunity to drive the mainstream use of crypto?

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