ECDC 2021: Unlocking Business Acceleration, Agility and Resilience with Hybrid Cloud


A discussion on hybrid cloud and how it helps unlock business acceleration opportunities saw Hussain Al Marhoon, Senior Systems Engineer, Nutanix and Talal Al Saif,  Head of Saudi Public sector and telecom sales, Nutanix discuss strategies that enterprises need to adapt and achieve agility in their functioning. 

Presenting a few scenarios that saw the potential of the cloud and how it helped achieve business transformation, Hussain Al Marhoon said, “Imagine if the cloud could comply with performance, regulatory compliance and meet privacy requirements at a lower cost of ownership. Imagine if it is possible to develop, test and gain actionable insights through analytics and data from the cloud. Imagine if it is possible to build a data fortress in the cloud and be present online at all times.Imagine if it is possible to bring cloud scaling and agile work culture to enterprise applications, regardless of where they are situated. The world would have been a beautiful place wouldn’t it?”

Cloud adoption today is not a fancy strategy for modernisation. The digital landscape is changing and the cloud is the reality. Hussain Al Marhoon further explained that the reasons for adopting private cloud are manifold.

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“Private cloud is a lucrative option for enterprises as it provides a slew of advantages. Data gravity and legacy applications make cloud migration onto a public or hybrid-cloud difficult for many enterprises. A private cloud offers enterprises a predictable cost to the company. There are no overruns due to limitless resources, neither are there any exorbitant egress charges. A private cloud means enterprises have more control over their data and applications.”

Furthermore, he explained how a hybrid-cloud system helps optimise business demands. Hussain stated, ‘Seamless hybrid cloud operations are better than a private or public cloud. A hybrid cloud gives the best of both clouds.”

Speaking about Nutanix, Hussain said “Nutanix is obsessed with its customers and they leave no stones unturned to provide the best CX. With industry-leading statistics on operational efficiency and resilience, Nutanix helps customers achieve faster storage upgrades, up to 70 per cent, 58 per cent more efficient IT infrastructure management and 85 per cent less unplanned downtime.”

Throwing light on how Nutanix helps achieve IT agility and business, Talal Al Saif adds, “Nutanix helps customers utilise 53 per cent less working hours to deploy computing resources. Nutanix has helped customers earn over $932,000 in revenue, per enterprise. It has also helped organisations save up to 83 per cent less working hours to deploy storage resources.”

Reiterating Hussain’s point, Talal stated that it is imperative for large enterprises with ERP in place to have a healthy balance between private and public cloud infrastructure. As such, a hybrid cloud infrastructure is best suited to achieve organisational goals.

The conference was supported by Platinum Partner Nutanix. Strategic Partner  Lenovo, Intel, and Enterprise Technology Partner Confluent, Media Partners Enterprise Talk and IT Security Wire. Watch the session video here.

Written By Soumyadeep Roy, Khushbu Raval

Edited By Chandni U