100% Network Set For New Direct Land Route Between Saudi Arabia And Oman


The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) announced that it would cover the new direct land road between Saudi Arabia and Oman with 100 per cent of telecommunications networks. The CITC said that the coverage would include the part located inside the Kingdom.

34 telecom towers have been installed in the new land road, which is distributed over a length of 564 km within Saudi Arabia. The CITC made this decision to facilitate the travellers’ journey, which will allow them to stay connected on the road.

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It is noteworthy that the road connecting Saudi Arabia with Oman was inaugurated recently. The road will open wide prospects to enhance commercial exchange between Saudi Arabia and Oman, transport movement in a way that serves pilgrims and Umrah performers from Oman, and serves the tourism and trade movements.

The road connecting the two countries is considered an engineering wonder implemented by the Ministry of Transport and Logistic Services due to the difficult terrain and weather in the Empty Quarter area.