Dubai Unveils New Policy To Regulate AI In Healthcare


Dubai Health Authority’s Informatics and Smart Health Department has launched the first Artificial Intelligence Policy for healthcare in the emirate.

According to DHA, the policy is in line with the vision of the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence that intends to achieve the UAE Centennial 2071 objectives, boost government performance, and invest in AI adoption.

The policy aims to determine regulatory requirements for the provision of AI solutions in the field of healthcare in Dubai. It will also lay down the ethical requirements for AI solutions as well as define the main roles and responsibilities of stakeholders involved in the development and use of AI in healthcare.

The policy has an in-depth legislative and regulatory framework for the use of AI in the field of health and research.

The scope of this policy extends to include all artificial intelligence solutions related to healthcare services used by medical facilities, specialists, drug manufacturers, health insurance companies, public health centres and researchers within the jurisdiction of the Dubai Health Authority.

Dr. Mohammad Al Redha, Director of Health Informatics and Smart Health Department at the Dubai Health Authority said that the term AI refers to systems or devices that simulate human intelligence to perform tasks with the use of data that is collated through AI.

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AI in healthcare includes the use of robots to perform surgery faster and assist the surgeon more efficiently; it also includes the use of AI to analyse important health information from a large set of data.

“Artificial intelligence is a cornerstone in the growth plans of the health sector in the UAE, especially as it offers broad prospects for the development of current sectors, in addition to paving the way for a large and new set of business models and innovative technologies,” said Dr Al Redha.

Dr. Mahira Abdel Rahman, Information and Smart Health Policy Officer at the DHA also highlighted that the policy also focuses on the need for AI healthcare solutions to be safe, secure and subject to supervision and monitoring by professional users to ensure technology is used to empower the health sector and patients.