Liquidware Announces FlexApp Integration With Amazon Elastic Fleet


Liquidware, the leader in digital workspace management, announced FlexApp One integration with the newly announced Amazon AppStream 2.0 Elastic Fleet, a new fleet type that offers a completely different approach to cloud desktops.

This integration extends the use case of Elastic Fleet to ALL applications, not just the ones in portable format.

Based on the AWS-managed pool of streaming instances, elastic fleets allow customers to deploy applications from AWS cloud storage (S3) buckets. This offers many benefits to customers such as lower costs and speed but also has restrictions. Because the fleet is based on AWS managed instances, only portable applications are supported, excluding those requiring a traditional installation on the Windows OS. Working in collaboration with Amazon, Liquidware has integrated FlexApp One, its self-contained FlexApp layer format, into AppStream 2.0 Elastic Fleet.

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FlexApp One is an included feature of FlexApp, the industry’s leading application layering solution that untethers the dynamic capabilities of layered applications from full-time network connections, enabling applications to be made available by any means necessary. FlexApp One applications are self-contained in one shareable file and run without the need for an additional application player on Windows sessions.

The benefits this integration delivers to customers are:

  • Extends desktop fleet with any application you need
  • No installation needed
  • No virtualisation, the application interacts with natively with the OS
  • Quickly test new applications
  • No update cycles

“We worked with Amazon during the Beta phase to test integration with FlexApp and the FlexApp One functionality,” said Thomas Lahaussois, head of strategic alliances, Liquidware. “It’s a great use case, since we extend the new fleet use case to all applications instead of only the ones in portable format. With FlexApp One, you can now instantly add any application stack to your Elastic Fleet.”