Microsoft’s Global Partner Predica Enters Qatar Ahead of Cloud Region Launch


Ahead of Microsoft unveiling its new Data Centre in Doha, Microsoft’s partner Predica entered the Qatari market in anticipation of an increase in demand for world-class IT consultancy. Overall, significant economic advances are expected for Qatar through foreign direct investments made by international businesses looking to expand their operations.

Cloud technologies will enable new global collaborations and increase business continuity as scalability delivers a unique competitive edge across local markets and industries. The economic impact can already be observed with firms like Predica joining the Qatari market. Local feelings remain positive as hyper-scale cloud services begin to play a key role in unlocking economic value for the nation under Qatar’s Vision 2030.

Microsoft’s partner Predica’s key services centre around Azure specialisations, for one of which it ranks within the top 10 consulting firms worldwide. The company provides consulting services in cloud applications, development operations, machine learning, data mining, cloud-based security, and cyber-resilience.

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Szymon Świątek, Country Manager at Predica in Qatar, said, “We are grateful and humbled by the opportunity to join the Qatari market. Microsoft’s new Data Center in Doha is a great opportunity for local organisations to take advantage of the cloud’s possibilities. We are excited to work with Microsoft and several businesses in the area to advance technological capabilities in the region, particularly in advanced data analytics.”

Lana Khalaf, Country Manager at Microsoft Qatar, said, “We are pleased to see how the Microsoft data centre is already transforming the ICT ecosystem in Qatar and attracting our global partner ecosystem and tech companies to the country, such as Predica establishing a local presence in Qatar. Predica has deep expertise in data, artificial intelligence and cloud security, and their proficiency will further help customers in Qatar to drive innovative solutions. We are committed to strengthening the capabilities of our partner ecosystem in Qatar to showcase leadership in the marketplace on the latest technology and to serve customers better. The Data Centre will further empower our partners by providing them access to an ever-expanding set of cloud services to accelerate the pace of innovation in Qatar.”

Predica is already working with local organisations on cloud-based projects. As a result, the reputed consultancy will soon hire several specialised Azure Consultants, demonstrating the extended economic impact of foreign direct investments on the local job market.