Modern Hire Launches Automated Interview Scoring to Avoid Unconscious Bias 


Modern Hire, the first science-based hiring platform that enables organizations to continuously improve hiring experiences and outcomes with trusted science and technology, today announced the general release of Automated Interview Scoring (AIS). AIS is an on-demand video interview feature that uses AI to evaluate candidate responses, providing recruiters and hiring managers with recommended scores during the review process to ensure a more fair, unbiased and complete hiring experience.

Modern Hire’s AIS helps interviewers avoid unconscious bias by providing a standardised, consistent and objective selection methodology that allows them to focus only on the job-relevant aspects of candidates’ responses. Using proven Industrial Organisational Psychology methods and cutting-edge AI, including natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning, AIS reliably replicates the judgment of professionally trained experts. Modern Hire’s AIS models were rigorously developed and found to have extremely high levels of accuracy replicating expert raters, with correlations exceeding .8.

“Interviewing is a traditionally subjective and biased process, which can lead to interviewers incorporating factors that are unrelated to the job into their evaluation of candidates due to unconscious bias,” said Mike Hudy, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Modern Hire.
“For the first time, our AIS solution ensures that interviews can be automatically scored in a way that replicates trained expert human raters increasing the fairness, consistency and transparency of interviews. By focusing only on the content of what candidates say, AIS removes the subjective, biased nature of the interviewing process, enabling interviewers to use AI to make more consistent and informed hiring decisions. It’s like having an IO psychologist sitting next to you helping you rate candidates fairly.”

Transparency is the key. Just as a hiring manager or recruiter can accept or change the interview rating recommendation, a candidate is also aware and given choices. Before beginning a video interview with AIS, candidates are provided with an explanation of how the AI works. Candidates must consent to AI being used in their interview, and can opt out of AI being used on their responses if desired, and continue with the interview process.

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After completing the interview through AIS, candidates’ responses are evaluated by advanced AI, which does not consider the candidate’s image ( facial expressions) or voice when evaluating a response –– only a transcription of the content of the response is evaluated. AIS uses AI to assess a candidate’s response on job-relevant content, evaluating the content of the response against the core competencies required for success on the job.

AIS is powered by CognitIOn by Modern Hire, the company’s industry-leading science that represents its cutting-edge capabilities and expertise in data science, predictive analytics, AI and industrial-organizational (I/O) psychology. Built on Modern Hire’s deep experience in hiring, legal know-how, rich data and candidate focus, CognitIOn drives all the company’s research, products and innovation –– and the scientists behind them –– representing the deepest and broadest talent intelligence available to hire the most diverse, engaged and qualified workforce.

“It’s our mission and responsibility to change hiring, for good. AI can help us solve some hard problems and the lack of equity and fairness in hiring is an important issue to fix,” said Karin Borchert, CEO of Modern Hire. “In this case it was clear to us early on that we had the opportunity and responsibility to rapidly apply high quality AI to help our clients build a more diverse workforce. It all starts with hiring. We’re excited about adding this rating recommendation as a native feature of our on-demand video interview solution so that all of our clients can benefit from this powerful technology.”