RoboAds Launches RA-200 Mobile Advertising Robot 


RoboAds, the AI robotics startup that developed the world’s first advertising robot, is about to expose its latest and most advanced robot – the RA-200.

The RA-200 is the most sophisticated signage robot that has been designed to maximise the impact of the mobile indoor/outdoor advertising experience. Equipped with three 55inch 4K digital signage screens, this amazing new robot can navigate on its own and learn its environment. The autonomous RA-200 is programmed to roam freely, attracting attention and engaging targeted audiences. Its attached camera provides a real-time visual queue for the operator, who can remotely monitor its activity and even initiate a live telepresence video call on one of three screens.

One of the most advanced features of the RA-200 is its innovative dual indoor and smart outdoor mobility. The RA-200 can be used at corporate events, conferences, malls, product launches, crowded public places and trade shows.

“The RA-200 has been designed to boost brand awareness, precision targeting and customer engagement, which are the core elements of digital signage advertising,” explained Faysal ElChamaa, the company’s CEO and founder. “With a unique ability to attract attention and interact with targeted audiences, the RA-200 empowers brands, shapes customer engagement and leads to action.”

Today, RoboAds is one of the fastest-growing digital signage robotics industry leaders. The Palo Alto headquartered startup was established in 2018. Utilising cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled team of experts, the ambitious robot developer produces imaginary original advertising solutions for digital signage.

“These are exciting times for RoboAds. The RA-200 is an important milestone in the fast development of our company. After bringing together the best talent in AI technology and robotics, we have built unprecedented solutions for the digital signage industry, opening new revolutionary opportunities. Open-minded advertisers who will visit the Step Conference this year will be astonished,” said ElChamma.

RoboAds experts’ challenge was to harness the advantages of autonomous mobile robots, equipped with the latest visual technology, to interact with and engage targeted audiences. After years of R&D, they created a new out-of-this-world experience that has practically revolutionised digital signage advertising.

ElChamma has exciting plans for his company. “We will continue to develop the robotics advertising technology, setting new standards in our fast-growing industry.”