Ultisim Partners With Croquet To Help Build The Metaverse


Ultisim, a company that integrates hardware and software to build fully immersive 3D simulation and Digital Twin experiences to solve real-world problems, has partnered with Croquet, the company that developed the first open Metaverse operating system (OS) for independent, cross-platform virtual world creation.

The partnership will leverage the key capabilities of both companies to deliver real-world results through the Metaverse. Ultisim’s 20-year track record creating Digital Twins and 3D simulation learning, combined with Croquet’s advanced operating system and platform, represents a dramatic step forward in marrying content and platform to meet 21st-century demands.

Croquet’s Metaverse OS provides more than 17 million JavaScript developers with cross-platform virtual world creation and features a shared virtual machine operating within the browser of any device. It also made the alpha of its Microverse IDE, a cross-platform virtual world development environment. Based on open, standards-based browser technologies cross-platform to any device, these products enable web developers to create multi-user Web and Web3 virtual worlds in the Metaverse that can be published anywhere.

Building and maintaining Metaverse OS represents half the equation. The ability of skilled partners with experience in storytelling, gamification, and simulation represents the other half, leading to this partnership with Ultisim.

Ultisim was founded by executives from the computer gaming industry and Lockheed Martin with expertise in leading-edge gaming technology, simulation, and artificial intelligence. It is dedicated to moving industries from two-dimensional, static data to interactive, three-dimensional, real-time data visualization, analytics, digital twins and simulation learning.

“We’ve been working together since the birth of the internet to advance towards the Metaverse. David [Smith] and I wrote a book in 1995 about VRML. It is energizing to see these dreams finally being realized,” said Richard Boyd, founder, Ultisim. “The marriage of the Croquet architecture and our Digital Twin platform is the final step to enable real-world business and social problem-solving in the Metaverse.”

“This will set the stage for what the internet will become in the next 100 years. Partnerships with companies like Ultisim are ideally suited to utilize our powerful, democratic platform to drive and deliver the experiences and results the world demands,” said David Smith, Founder and CTO, Croquet.

According to Boyd, some of the earliest and most productive problem-solving via Digital Twins in the Metaverse has been enjoyed by his firm’s clients in the education and health care spaces. “Modular and updatable development through Croquet is opening up amazing opportunities we dreamed of at the turn of the century – and now it’s full steam ahead.”