Turning Data into Actionable Insights

Analysing data can help us make more informed business decisions. But considering the volume of data that exists and how quickly it’s expanding, companies...

Nutanix emerges leader in HCI Vendors Ranking 2020

The rapid growth of the public cloud has transformed infrastructure. Most organisations have some infrastructure in the public cloud, some in data centres, and...

The Definitive Guide To Customer Data Platforms

Every marketing organisation wants to be data-driven—to make the right decisions about where they’re investing their time and money to deliver the best customer...

It is Time to Change Your Data Strategy

With customer data increasingly driving the personalisation strategies fueling the customer experience across marketing, sales, and customer support, your data strategy has never been more...

The Customer Genome and the New State of Personalisation

As customers, our experience with brands matters most to us. As brands, we must, therefore, invest in understanding the customer genome which will lead...
Towards Better Data Governance

Towards Better Data Governance

Barceló Hotel Group is a family-owned company founded in Mallorca, Spain in 1931 The company’s portfolio is formed by more than 250 hotels in 22...

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